13 Reasons Why S4 – Is it worth the watch?

13 Reasons Why is one of those programmes that you find yourself wondering…How did this get recommissioned? After watching the trailer that you denied finishing you forward it onto your group-chat and declare that you will not be watching this one.

But alas you watched it! Otherwise…What are you doing here? I myself had said that I would not be watching this season…But i’ve taken one for the team, so lets start with the trailer.

13 Reasons Why – Season 4 trailer

From the tailer alone I didn’t quite understand how we got here, it seemed like the Hannah Baker show had turned into Riverdale on depression ; sorry editors but the trailer made the series seem pointless.

Where this season got it right

Like most people, I had to watch the season 3 recap, as I couldn’t remember much of what had happened over the last series. However, this time I can remember what happened, as season 4 got a few things right.

  • White Privilege – Props to the writers for throwing into the series! There are multiple scenes where the students of colour find themselves being targeted by the school police, not for committing any offences, but for simply being in a bad mood. We have seen them get searched and thrown against lockers and automatically blamed first. This contrasts to how the police react whenever Clay actually does something, he would simply be told to stop doing it, and sometimes the police may even hug him and tell him that it’s okay.
  • Clay is insane – I’m sure that we have all been waiting for the moment when it was actually addressed that Clay seeing and talking to dead people is not normal. This season is told my Clays point of view as he battles with his deteriorating mental health, a bulk of the narrative is him actually speaking to his therapist about what his happening in his everyday life, and how he has been responding to it.
13 Reasons Why S4 – Episode 7
  • Sex has consequences – I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in most teen shows STD’s/STI’s don’t seem to exist. I’m not going to spoil anything further incase you haven’t finished the season yet, but if you have then you know what i’m talking about.

The episode that topped the series

Without spoiling any actual plots to the storyline, I defiantly have to say that the strongest episode in this season was episode 6 named “Thursday”. In this episode the whole school goes into lockdown because of an active shooter in this building.

The episode really showed just how talented the cast are as we get to see the vulnerabilities of each character.

One thing that bugged me

With anything, there were some parts of the show that just didn’t make any sense, but for me this one didn’t make any sense.

Courtney Crimsons character does not feature in this season, she is never properly mentioned. Courtney only appeared twice in season 3 as a side character in class; yet she appears in the concluding scene of season 4, along with the other cast main members. This seems a bit strange since even in season 1, she had wanted little to do with the group, Hannah and their problems.

13 Reasons Why S4 – Episode 10

But aside from any small problems, this is the season that is actually worth the watch!

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