Horror movies that aren’t actually scary

I’m what you may call a big baby, I can’t watch a scary film or series to save my life. However over the years I have found a few “Horrors” that do me no harm. So not to worry about doing nothing this halloween, we have a list movies to keep your halloween from home busy.

IT 1 & 2

IT 1: 2017

I am talking about the remake but you can still watch the original. Every-time I watch this it gets less scary..


Bird Box Movie

This movie is more funny than serious.

A quiet place 1&2

A quite Place 1

Trust me, once you finally see the ‘thing’ in the movie that you were afraid of, all the tension you had should be gone.

Scary Movie 1 -5

A scary Movie 1

If you didn’t already know, this movie franchise might as well be a comedy. It’s filled with innuendos, banter and slapstick comedy. The first movie is about Cindy Campbell and her friends mistakenly end up killing a man. A year after the unfortunate incident, someone stalks them, leaves threatening messages and tries to kill them one by one.

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