I went to watch The Matrix 4 without watching the others….Don’t be me

I don’t even know if I need to give you a spoiler alert warning, as I couldn’t even explain to you what the movie was about!

You are probably already hating me for it, but last week I went to watch The Matrix Resurrection, which is the 4th instalment of the Matrix movies without any prior knowledge of the previous movies. Why you might ask? Because I thought it was a remake as opposed to a continuation of the story. As it was my fault for not researching, I spent the entire duration incomplete and other confusion.

Now I know I know…The Matrix is a movie classic, everyone has seen it. Don’t get me wrong I have watched the original movie once as a child; but apologies, I have no recollection of the original movie. All I remember is that a man wanted to bend a spoon. I honestly went into this movie thinking that it would be about utensil bending and time travel, one could say that I was marginally disappointed.

Let’s get into what was going on in my head during the cinema at the start of the movie: Some badB was running away from the police, met her enemy and then they escaped? Don’t really get why they escaped together? Maybe they aren’t enemies then? Wait are they in a video game? We have now met our main character, he seems a bit too obsessed with his technology. He seems worried, maybe someone has hacked him, did he lose playing the game? Did they jump out of the game? GASP

Now he’s at a cafe with his co-workers who seem like fake friends, and he is trying to make a move on a married women….She ain’t loyal…Hmmmm

Everything after that was confusing….I still don’t understand if the short-haired woman was. I did understand that there were many plot twists to the movie, and that it was about him getting back his…Wife? Girlfriend? In my opinion he needed to move on from her and date around more. The short-haired lady seemed available, I mean she ran through universes for him….But what do I know? I can’t even remember how it ended!

Morral of the story, watch movies 1-3 first and save your money.

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