The chill is optional, but the choices are limitless.

It can almost be overwhelming having to choose what to put on when you’re in the group. I for one try to avoid even picking up the remote. The constant “I don’t mind” and “hmmm” being thrown back and forth will have you throwing away episodes worth of content before you even remember to check the time.

So why don’t we try something? You guys pick ONE genre? Go on I believe you can do it. I’ll give you three choices and you have to pick one of the three. No back and forths no negations. Blindly choose a genre and i’ll give you a choice of three TV shows.


– Superstore
– Big Mouth

Sci – Fi

– Dark
– The Manifest

Crime Drama

– The Missing
– Blood & Water

Teenage Garbage

– First Kill
– Resident Evil
– Fate Winx Saga

Tear Jerkers

– First They Killed My Father


– Black Lightening
– Stranger Things

Mystery Trailers

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