HIIIIIII My names Karel and I run TV Shows Unboxed. Scroll down to see our platforms and chose which one suits the content you need most. (Don’t forget to follow.)

A little bit about myself, I have been working in TV (and film) for 2 years; I’ve worked across Music Videos, commercials, short films and feature films. I started off as a runner which was lots of fun. Now I work as a Production Coordinator in Unscripted TV.

Feel free to message me about the highs and lows of working in Uk TV as a young black women (yes there’s a difference in experience).


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This page is for short industry tips on how to get a job in TV (In the UK). You can also learn about different job roles you never new existed.


This page is mostly used to recommend content to watch…..I’ve previously done giveaways…Just saying…


Here you’ll soon find interviews with teams who make their own content. Along with my personal reviews of TV shows,


Won’t lie I don’t tweet.

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