4 quick short films to watch whilst you are waiting

What time consuming activities do you have planned today? Roasting dinner in the oven? Waiting for the washing to finish spinning? I’ve got a range of 2 – 10 minute short films to watch whilst you wait.

Open Up

This is a short film following ancient vampire Tereni Fairuz during the 2020 pandemic. The film was created by Rob Gurney Youtube

Duration: 5min


Full Short Film

158 days after a parasitic virus infected the vast population of the globe, two survivors attempt to scavenge supplies from an abandoned building, unaware of who or what may be lurking inside.

Duration: 9.39min


A short comedy about two friends and their fascination for face masks.

Duration: 2min

Last Line of Defense

Iraq war veteran on the verge of suicide receives a visit from one of his dead Marines.

Duration: 7.26 min

3 Youtube web-shows you should be following

Youtube is the hub for content creators and production teams to broadcast their hard work, you have probably either said yourself or had someone say to you that “Everyone is a Youtuber these days”. This both is and isn’t true as Youtube is not only for vlogs and tutorials, if you look in the right places there are actually TV standard shows on there. Here are 3!

Out Now

Footasylum – Locked in

This November 10 YouTubers have been locked in a house for two weeks with no WiFi, and are being made to compete in daily challenges to see who takes the £10,000 charity prize. The best part about the show is that, your live comments become their lives – the show is set so that we the viewers choose what they do next. We get to watch 10 well loved creators living together and competing against each other, the show is expected to get very messy very fast.

This show has resemblance to Big Brother, but for the influencers that you want to see and can actually relate too.

Word on the curb

Word On the Curb is a British youtube channel (and website) that explores the stories, characters and identities which shape youth culture. From this channel you will come across a variety of content to cater to a lot of people Ranging from talk shows with your favourite social media influencers, to game show series, all the way to case studies on modern issues.

Word On the Curb is definitely a platform for quick entertainment, you can click on any video and find yourself laughing with the team in moments. Check the channel out on instagram for memes and clips from the videos that everyone loved.

Coming Soon

FR VD TV – Hood Veganism

Hood Veganism is a cooking series that has left instagram and joined the youtube screens. Hosted by one Londons Reprezent radio presenter Bisola Otun Instagram we get to watch her and her guest stars create a number of vegan dishes, some easy, some hard and some completely home made!

Get your note apps up everyone, if you love food as much as I do then you are defiantly going to want to try some of these….Yum hood vegan food….

Lucky for you, if you simply can’t wait till December 1st, the team already have two entertaining and delicious pilots out on their channel now.

Follow their Instagram for more updates and clips!

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3 Independent short films to watch on Youtube this November!

With media jobs quickly declining, all we can do is make our own content, and because everyone is doing this, is is very hard to get work noticed. Here are 3 independent short films that you wouldn’t otherwise have discovered, you can watch them now on Youtube!

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Urban Legend

Trailer 2

This British Short Film was Directed by Jireh Kyari Instagram and produced by Ratidzai ‘Rika’ Chavarika instagram. The short film is about a young boy who is conflicted with a pursuit in art or football surrounded by other peer pressure. The story follows the question on wether he will choose his validation or others?


This American short film was created by first time Director Jahkwon Lewis Instagram. It is about a student Pianist with stage fright who finds courage through an acquaintance.

Full Short Film

Auditorium 13

Written and directed by Christian Tyler Instagram This is another American short film about a new theatre employee tasked with shutting down the projectors each night begins to experience supernatural occurrences in the notoriously spooky auditorium 13.

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