Get Even

On the 15th February 2020, BBC released a new television programme called “Get Even”. The British programme is about 4 teenage students who socially appear to have nothing in common – but there’s one passion which unites them: to expose injustice. They form their own secret society, DGM.

Standing for “Don’t Get Mad” their secret society anonymously exposes and pranks bullies who otherwise would not have been punished. However things take a dark toll when a student is murdered and DGM find themselves being framed.

The girls quickly find themselves under pressure as the police are falsely hunting to identify DGM and punish their society for murder.

Get Even – Official trailer

From watching the trailer alone, you probably got Pretty little liar and Riverdale vibes straight away. I can’t lie, the show does follow a similar essence, but it was done SO MUCH BETTER!

This new British drama cuts to the chase, and skips all of the pointless drug use and casual sex. So if you are looking to see any of that, you won’t. The show is set in a predominately rich part of Enlgand, as the students go to an elite private school.

The characters are well casted, and the use of diversity is well played on and actually referenced as it would be in real life.

DGM – Get Even

The Characters

From the beginning of the show, I found myself hooked onto the characters, as I felt that they were truly British; compared to other Americanised Uk shows such as “Sex education”, and “The End of the F*cking* World”. I automatically found myself choosing my favourite and least favourite characters from the first episode alone.

Without giving anything away I think it’s safe to say that each member of DGM, had her life very well represented. Diversity was key in making the show successful, and went against common stereotypes.

Kitty Wei and her family

Kitty Wei’s character is always under pressure. Her parents expect a lot of her, as she is a scholarship student. When I first saw them in the first episode, I admit that I assumed that her parents would tick the stereotypical Asian parents box, but they didn’t.

Her whole family were British, well spoken and really supportive. Although yes they did pressure her to be the best in sports and school. They always wanted her happiness to come first.

Olivia Hayes at her home

The show is set in a rich area, but still shows that class differences are everywhere. Olivia Hayes is one of the poorest characters, but is pressured by her friends to pretend to be rich. All of her friends live in big expensive houses, and often in nuclear families. So she keeps the fact that she lives on a council estate with her single mum a secret.

The BBC did a good job in reminding us that class shaming is a thing, and not enough is being done to stop it.

Things we’ve seen before

It’s probably the most obvious one, but if you are up to date on Netflix’s “13 reasons why” (not for the faint hearted), you would know that Ronny Kent’s character is just like “13 Reasons Why’s” Bryce. Both play the male bully, who manipulates his friends and enjoys disrespecting his female classmates. Both characters end up dead, and the series follows students who are trying to uncover his death, in a race with the police.

Get Even approaches controversial topics a lot more differently to the norm, it looks into situations that British teens would have learned about in school growing up. A big one in the show being the risks of taking revealing photos of yourself on your phone. The whole series is done without actually, showing the said photo. The show lightly touches on LGBT, it neither glamourises or discredits the topic, and only slowly dips into it, reflecting the slow process that teenagers go through when they start to think about who they like.

What could be better

Being British myself, I watch a lot of different UK crime dramas, I feel as though the way the police interact with the students could have been a bit more realistic. The female officer seemed more like a head teacher, rather than a detective. If there were to be a season 2 of the show, there should be more fear inflicted into the students when it comes to getting into trouble with the law.

BBC – Get Even – Episode 1/Trailer

The students should be reminded that this is their reality, and not an episode of Pretty Little Liars. I feel as though some younger members of the audience may see a glamour in trying to be a student detective.

Over all, I rate the show a strong 8/10.

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