The Viper – Caleb Thompson Media

The Viper is a short film produced by Caleb Thompson, and directed by David O’Hara. The film stars a young teenage girl from the UK who wakes up to find that her mother isn’t at home. This doesn’t concern her too much until she starts to get repetitive phone calls from a voice who identifies himself as ‘The Viper’

The Viper

Two phone calls in and I already had myself thinking “Is this her mother calling?…Her mothers stalker?….Her stalker…?An Uber driver?”

It is impressive just how much of the story we got to see, considering that the film is only 3 minutes long (not including the credits); but like any other short film all stories must come to and end, the viper is now here and he-

I’m not going to tell you the whole have to watch it to find out how it ends!

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