3 Independent short films to watch on Youtube this November!

With media jobs quickly declining, all we can do is make our own content, and because everyone is doing this, is is very hard to get work noticed. Here are 3 independent short films that you wouldn’t otherwise have discovered, you can watch them now on Youtube!

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Urban Legend

Trailer 2

This British Short Film was Directed by Jireh Kyari Instagram and produced by Ratidzai ‘Rika’ Chavarika instagram. The short film is about a young boy who is conflicted with a pursuit in art or football surrounded by other peer pressure. The story follows the question on wether he will choose his validation or others?


This American short film was created by first time Director Jahkwon Lewis Instagram. It is about a student Pianist with stage fright who finds courage through an acquaintance.

Full Short Film

Auditorium 13

Written and directed by Christian Tyler Instagram This is another American short film about a new theatre employee tasked with shutting down the projectors each night begins to experience supernatural occurrences in the notoriously spooky auditorium 13.

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